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This coming Christmas (its in 2 days! Hooray!), i've decided to bake some muffins for the family. Decided to give this recipe a test run and wow, was I impressed. These muffins are truly a breeze to put together.

Great to be back here after taking such a long break from the blogsphere. My last post is apparently on the.... 27th of February 2014. That's, 8 months ago. Has it really been that long? Time seemingly flies past us without us knowing.

Just two days ago, I had this urge to bake a loaf of banana bread.

Being a lover of all things chocolatey, it struck me, why not combine chocolate and banana in a single loaf? A quick search online came up with recipes that seem to result in really moist breads. Maybe it's just me? But i'm not such a big fan of moist, sticky, gooey breads. That would appear to me as uncooked and simply unpalatable.

A little project I did a few hours ago while lazing looking around for inspiration.
Just recently, a friend of mine treated a few of us to the highly raved Royal Pudding from Paris Baguette 
It has been such a long time since I last updated this space here. I have been so busy for the whole of this year, packed with tons of school work (Apr 2013 ~ Mar 2014).
I promise. I will be back by end March. By then I would have graduated from school and I would be free to feed you hungry crafters out there with tutorials.
However.... I am proud to say that I have managed to squeeze out a few hours every night during the Lunar New Year week to craft this lovely dress; where I will name it FITTED.
MAN does it feel good to tailor a dress to your measurements.
I used a block pattern (which I drafted on my own) to measure out the fabric pieces. A princess seam was used in this dress.

Took me about one and a half day to sew this bag. But then, that's because I took out my threads many times.Can't stand it when my sew lines aren't straight. If you aren't picky or as UNSKILLED as I am, this should take you only a few hours :)
Was clearing out my wardrobe just the other day  to make space for new clothes, and was about to toss this tank top that was a size too big into the trash when I had a spark of inspiration. Corset styled tops are making a comeback these days due to the dainty and slight edgy vibe.