Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Refashion Cut Out Dress

I have been so in love with this Carven Dress for a long long time.
Love that little cut out on the tummy, although I have to say that I do not approve of the multi-coloured fabric. I know i'm a boring person. Thanks.

When I went to the thrift shop the other time, I saw that long black dress and inspiration struck. I thought of using it for my little DIY project. The thrifted dress cost me only $3. Booyah!

I didn't managed to take photos of the whole process, but I believe you people are able to re-create your own version using my fumbly typed-out instructions. So...

First, I cut the dress into 2 parts at the waist.
The bottom (long) part is once again, cut into 2 portions.
I took the one right at the bottom (with the widest opening) to be used as part of my new dress.
I cut a little triangle at the top part of my dress and sew it down.
Pleating was done to the bottom and sewn onto the top.
TA-DA! Done.

No hemming was done in the process~ (Thank God!)
My dress is actually quite ugly on the inside, but whatever~ Heheheh

Good luck in your project! Do send me links to your photos if you did try making your own cut-out dress :)

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