Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Quick 10min Bag Design

Quick 10mins DIY for all you busy bees out there. I haven't been doing any DIY projects recently due to training, school and other stuff. It has been busy, yes. 

So.. I am actually going out tomorrow, and I have to dress up  look better than usual. But here's the problem; I dont have a nice looking bag! As PRACTICAL ME, I only have backpacks in my collection. The number of tote bags I have currently is a 4. 

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. 

I needed a DIY that was quick and yet, temporary. Im not a person to stick to a single design for long. Wouldn't want to sew something, only to realise 2months later that I didnt like it anymore.

In the process, this idea came up to me and TA-DA~ Here it is, presented to you :)

Get your plain ol' tote bag

Get your fabrics ready!

Choose your desired fabrics!

Get your double sided tape and scissors  and prepare for war!

Tape the tapes onto your fabric.

Snip the shapes that you desire.

Now, just stick them onto your bag for your desired look!

Life doesn't get any easier than this isn't it?
An easy, flexible design. 

Remove it, Change it, whenever you feel like it~
*Ps: Photos are taken using my IPad, because its 2.01AM now and I needed it to be quick. Apologies for the poor quality

Avoir Du Plaisir

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